Style Icon: Denola Grey, Colourful Fashionista


Denola Adepetun, popularly known as Denola Grey, is a men’s fashion blogger, model, blogger, fashion enthusiast and media personality. He is a fashion icon to reckon with any day anytime and despite his name, his style has little to with grey.His fashion sense is so unique and he is not afraid to try out any style.Denola-Grey-1-672x1008-side-1-1024x544 His style has been a major inspiration to fashion lovers across the continent with a very special and personal feel.The ‘fashion journalist’ has taken styling up a step higher by being an inspiration to men like him with his styles and fashion blogs.Denola Grey dresses to kill every time, and he has no shame admitting it. He is very experimental, especially with his tuxedos and bow ties and you will always see him with his signature haircut with a side parting that suits him perfectly.
The fashion journalist for Genevieve Magazine, among other freelance projects, is a fashionista that pays great attention to details, from his bow tie to his shoes.

The handsome style icon always has his A-game on anywhere you see or meet him and his unique style never fails to capture hearts and attention of several ladies.

Check out his some of his unique styles below.4286619_FullSizeRender-300x300Captureee-3-239x300





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