Some Shower Habits That Are Hurting Your Skin

Taking a long, hot shower can be one of the best parts of the day especially during this cold weather, whether using it to start the morning or taking one before bed, it can be quite relaxing to enjoy a steamy rinse. But do you know that showers can be harmful? A bad shower routine cab cause dry skin, irritation and even body acne. So it is important you take another look at your shower routine.

Extended shower: Although, spending 20 minutes in the shower can be a great reward to a long day or a way to ease into your morning. However, that may be quite impractical. Skin Care experts recommend taking short showers, lasting 5 to 10 minutes to avoid drying out your skin. So leave the shaving and luxuriating to another time. Taking shower for more than 10 minutes makes your skin more dry, as natural oils are removed and also water is evaporated from skin rather than trapped.

Hot shower: It’s important to not take overly hot showers in order to protect the natural moisture of your skin. Hot showers take away your body’s natural oil barrier, which the body requires to keep your skin moist and smooth. Long, hot showers can dry out your skin and predispose you to inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Try to keep showers to less than five minutes and avoid very hot temperatures.

Wrong soap: Everyone’s skin is different but the ingredients the soap possesses is the important factor. Stick to fragrance-free soaps, especially for sensitive skin. If you have dry skin, use soap that includes glycerin, which is free of synthetic chemicals and retains moisture. Avoid soaps with high acid content or pH value as well.

Stop using washcloth (Sponges): It’s common to reuse the same washcloth daily and simply hang it up in the shower until the next shower. But that’s bad. First, scrubbing too hard with a cloth can leave your skin red and irritated. Sure, it’s a great way to reach all deep parts but leaving the wet rag in the moist environment such as the shower also fosters a breeding place for bacteria to thrive and then be reapplied to your skin and face.

Not moisturizing right after shower: Showering off is half the battle, but if you’re not moisturizing right away, you’re missing an important step. Using harsh soaps and not moisturizing after is what causes dry skin most often. Soaps can be harsh depending on the way your skin reacts to it, so if the soap leaves a filmy substance or dries out your skin, it’s no good for you. Also, avoid any soaps or cleansing product with heavy fragrances. It is important to moisturize your skin while it is still damp.

Over -scrubbing: Scrubs and strong soaps can you make you feel clean, but it breaks down your protective skin barrier and put you at risk of dry skin and eczema.

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