EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Niger Delta Militant Dumps Arms To Build Airplane

After laying down arms and abandoning the creeks for federal government amnesty, some Niger Delta Militants have gone ahead to unveil the genius in them.

While some bag first class honours in different local and foreign universities, some others have become inventors with the assemblage of 32-seater bus and an airplane locally in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Speaking with Greennews.ng’s Adeyemi Olalemi, a former Niger Delta militant and member of the Ijaw Youth Development Association (I.Y.D.A) Sinclair Olorogun narrated how he made personally build an airplane.

Olorogun, who is a beneficiary of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty program, was trained as an auto welder and electrician at the Innoson Kiara Academy at Nnewi, Anambra state.

On how he built an airplane, Olorogun said; “… so at innoson, I saw one white man there who built an airplane and I was so impressed with it and made up my mind to also build my own airplane.”

He said at that point many of his friends and colleagues at the academy discouraged him, saying it was impossible for him to build an airplane that a ‘white man’ built. But, according to him, he never relented.

“Many of my colleagues, i mean my co-trainees laughed at me, saying i don’t know what am doing but I keep it up being a technical person and because i know what i wanted and also know I can do it and even more.”

“So I started it and when am through with it i called the white man and showed him my work and he was so surprise and even took picture with me,” Olorogun said.

On the material used for building the aircraft, Olorogun said; “The materials are a round iron pipe, it depend on the size you want, the 3mm plate a rode and a big engine oil filter.

Asked whether the plane could actually fly like other planes, he said; “This one can’t fly but I can build the one that can fly using remote to control it.”

The ex-militant expressed his joy at his achievement at the academy and dedicated the airplane to his association – Ijaw Youth Development Association (I.Y.D.A) for giving him the opportunity.

Olorogun said he looked forward to greater opportunities to show the world that there are talented people from the oil-rich Niger Delta.

“I dedicated it to my association for giving me the opportunity in the first place so that is the story so far, he added “I just hope I will have greater opportunities to show not only Nigerians but the world in general that there are better talented people from the Niger delta,” he said

Flashnews further gathered that the ex-militants at the Innoson Kiara Academy, an arm of Innoson Motor Manufacturing Company, Nnewi, built a 32-seater bus which is to be delivered to President Muhammadu Buhari through the Presidential Adviser on Amnesty Programme, General Paul Boroh (retd).

Sinclair Olorogun further explained that the whole process of building the bus started from his department which is the Auto welding department. He disclosed that he was the team leader of the department.

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