Daring Simi Opens Up On Male Intimidation In Music Industry

Singer, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye known as Simi opens up on being intimidated by her male counterparts in the industry, or the lack thereof.

According to her, she does not feel dominated, citing that it is what both parties bring to the table that matters.

“I don’t get intimidated by male artists because at the end of the day they bring what they bring to the table and I bring what I bring to the table… I don’t see them as Male Artists, just as artists.”

“Not necessary as male artistes, definitely I know that it’s a man’s world so men might get it easier but we ladies get it too if you work harder and put your mind to whatever you are doing. I don’t feel like am competing, I just do what I got to do”.

Opening up on what motivates her, she said “My motivation first of all is from God because my gift is from him, everything inspires me, so I just put everything into my song. I just want to sing about everything”.

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