Benefits Of Steaming Your Natural Hair

Is your natural hair extremely dry? Hair steaming may be just what the “hair doctor” ordered when it comes to healthy, moisturized coils and curls. Steaming involves using moist heat on the hair, as opposed to dry. Steaming the hair creates a humid environment, optimal for absorption of moisture, among other benefits.

Helps clean the scalp and promote hair growth: the warmth from the steam can actually help fight through some product build-up/dirt on the scalp, making it easier to keep your scalp clean. A clean scalp is a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp means healthy growth. The warmth also helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp which again helps with hair growth.

Balancing the Scalp: Along with purifying the scalp of the toxins within, steam therapy helps increase the collagen production and blood flow of the scalp. The collagen level and increased blood flow, resulting in a healthy naturally shiny scalp–not the kind of shine caused by synthetic styling products.

Improves Elasticity: The elasticity of curly strands is its ability to stretch without snapping and causing further breakage and damage to the strands. Steam treatments allow the hair to absorb so much moisture that the curls will be able to bend and stretch.

Opening of the pores: Clogged pores in the scalp slow down and eventually stop the regrowth process. Steaming the hair and scalp on a regular basis will allow the toxins from the scalp to be released so that it can be cleansed and purified.

Porosity: For naturalistas with low porosity hair steam therapy is a good way to help water vapor penetrate the strands of the hair for long lasting moisture. With the cuticle layer being opened from the steam treatment, it is easier to infuse products into the hair to maintain supple flexible strands.

Promotes Growth: the reason steaming your natural hair promotes hair growth is because it moisturizes the scalp which is the canvas for healthy hair growth. A steamer will help to increase the flow of natural oils on your scalp while providing a moisturized atmosphere for your hair/scalp to flourish. Adding this into your natural hair regimen will help you head in the right direction in your natural hair journey.

Strengthening hair: Steaming your hair helps create stronger strands which are more “elastic” The elasticity of your hair will help you keep an eye on the health of your hair. What this means is that your curls snap back to their original state after they are stretched. Steaming provides the moisture needed to keep your in a strong elastic state. This is key for those who are struggling in their transition because it may be difficult to calculate your elasticity when the line of demarcation is weak. Building strength in your hair will help in styling and length retention as well.

Refreshes curls without having to start over: you get to add moisture without having to soak your hair with water. This can be especially beneficial for those that suffer from dry brittle hair during winter and do not want to add water in the morning/night and perhaps risk getting a cold.

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