Beauty Habits That Make Your Lashes Fall Out

Eyelashes are a beauty enhancer. They are an add on to the beauty of your eyes. The longer the eyelashes the more beautiful your eyes appear. Every girl or lady wishes to have such long lashes. But, at some point of time you tend to lose your lashes. This loosing of eyelashes is a big issue of concern. The reasons are many and vary from person to person. There is no one such particular reason for loosing of eyelashes. Here, six bad beauty habits that might be causing you to lose your lashes.

Rubbing too hard when your remove your makeup: Mascara can be one of the hardest things to remove with just face wash (your smudged towels are evidence). It’s important to use an oil-based makeup remover to gently get rid of makeup around the eyes. Hold a cotton round against the lids for a few seconds to loosen the product, and you won’t have to work as hard. If you’re rubbing too much, you can aggravate the area and end up with lashes on your cotton pad. Any irritation from mascara use, rubbing, and even removing eye makeup can be traumatic.

Sleeping with mascara on: You’ve probably heard how wearing makeup to bed is bad for your skin. Sleeping in mascara can also be problematic for your lashes. Manipulating your strands with a really stiff coating can make them more prone to snap, and the same is true of mascara. The product hardens the lashes, and the friction against your pillow can cause breakage. Yes, lash breakage is a thing.

Wearing false lashes or lash extensions all the time: Falsies can change your entire look. If you have the tendency to remove your falsies without using makeup remover, it could be doing serious damage to your natural lashes. Make sure to use a Q-tip doused in an oil-based cleanser to loosen the glue at the lash line before pulling them away. . If you do opt for lash extensions, allow them to shed naturally and resist the urge to tug.

You only use waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara is a great tool to have in your beauty produts, but it’s not an everyday solution. The same ingredients used to make this type of mascara last longer can dry out your lashes, making them more brittle and apt to break. Not to mention, it’s really hard to take off.

You use eyelash curler: Using an eyelash curler puts traction on the hairs and can pull hairs out, especially if done over mascara. Unknowingly, women who use eyelash curlers will tug at their lashes when using their curler. Avoid using this as much as possible. Eyelash curlers not only damage your lashes by pressing and pulling them but also, eyelash curlers are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and this may cause an infection in your eyes.

Exposing your lashes to sunlight: Eyelashes are known to protect us from dust, sweat and even the sun’s harmful rays. However, your lashes can also suffer from the sun’s harsh rays and most importantly, radiation. Possibly using sunglasses when it is extremely hot out can be beneficial to your lashes.

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