Yung6ix: Rapper Accuses Son Of Former Petroleum Minister Over Attempt On His Life

Rapper, yung6ix has accused son of former Petroleum minister, Dan Etete for allegedly trying to kill him.

The Rapper P.R.E, real name David Etete recently posted a photo, promoting a song he and Yung6ix had collaborated on in the past, and in the comments Yung6ix called him out for destroying his home and trying to also take his life. He also gave P.R.E 3 days to “come and pay the bills or you wont enjoy this week”.

“I wasn’t gonna expose you f**k boy but you gone on IG with no remorse after trying to take my life and post BS, your father might be able to keep you out of jail with his money but he definitely cant keep yo away from karma and God. You have 3 days to pay for all you and your boys destroyed at my house. You feeling like Tony yeah? Don’t forget about Sosa fuck boy. I ain’t promoting violence but at the same time I ain’t promoting silence”.

“It’s a shame what jealousy in the heart of men can do, all I ever did was show your love and support you since we met.

Couple of days ago, Yung6ix went on social media to say that one of his friends tried to shoot him in broad day light but he kept mute on who the person was.

“Be careful of people you call your friends, this is tha greatest lesson I have learnt in this life. Thank you lord I’m greatful to be alive”. he said after surviving the attempt

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