Don’t Swap Chibok Girls With Boko Haram Detainees – Activist Warns

A United Kingdom based Nigerian activist, Philip Agbese has warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to swap the abducted Chibok schoolgirls with Boko Haram prisoners.

He said that there is a possibility that Nigeria will be sending nothing less than 300 terrorists into the society by this very act.

The activist said the move will be harmful to Nigeria, the entire West African region and some will spill over to Central and East Africa.

His words, “The ongoing orchestra that is whining for terrorists considers everything with the exception of one. Recidivism.”

“These groups and individuals that have been canvassing a swop of Boko Haram prisoners for the abducted Chibok Girls do so without regards for the penchant for recidivism among terrorists like any other type of criminals.”

“Recidivism is the chances of a previously arrested, detained or convicted terrorist returning to extremism or violence.

“Military records would probably show that some of these people we are being asked to free are in incarceration because it was not their first time of being tied to terror.

“Mr President, recidivism is difficult to measure, particularly so in a country like Nigeria where we are still working to bring our statistics and research capabilities up to date.

“Instead, the reality is there is the risk of them returning to the war front to re-stock Boko Haram’s fighting ranks.”

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