Robot beats humans at table football

Researchers at a Swiss university have developed a robot that can beat humans at table football.

Swiss students designed a robot that plays table football and so far, the robots are winning. This is because the robots are faster, more powerful and more precise than any human. It sees with the help of a camera that takes 300 images per second.

“There is a camera placed below the soccer table and as we have a transparent ground we can get the picture from this ground, send it to the computer and the computer will process this and detect the ball position on the ground,” said Leo Sibut, an EPFL student.

The robot utilises the kind of motors used in manufacturing. In table football one motor positions a player, while another rotates to shoot. Not content with the ability of human competitors, the team plans to pit robot against robot in the future.

“We plan to duplicate the system so we have robot on both sides of the table soccer, where each team can develop their own strategy and in the end we plan to have a competition of these two strategies,” said Dr Christope Salzmann, the project, EPFL.

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