Queen Moiika sees Nothing Special in Wizkid

Queen Moiika is a Jamaica-born American- based dancer,  that oozes quantum of sex appeals that have made her a sought after dancer in the dancehall circles.

The beautiful multi-faceted dancer has technical training in ballet, jazz and Afro-Caribbean dance.

Moikka who has performed alongside music heavy weights like Madonna, Puff Daddy, Wizkid and others recently paid Nigeria a visit. In a chat with Showtime, she speaks on her experience working with theOjuelegba  sensation, Wizkid.

“I worked with Wizkid when I was in the US. I wish I could say something special but it was just like any gig. I have to be sincere . It wasn’t anything special. He was just like any other artiste. He was respectful. He paid me my money and I danced .That was pretty much it.

In Los Angeles you don’t get the opportunity to work with ethnic artistes, this means artistes that play reggae, dancehall and Afrobeat. I was 17 when I started dancing but most dancers will tell you they have been dancing since they were born. “She said.

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